Women For Trump & The 2nd

            Women For Trump & The 2nd Amendment

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                                                                                                         Natalie, Flowery Branch, Ga.

“It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun”

“Abraham Lincoln freed all men & women but Samuel Colt made them all equal”

”  Gun Rights Are Women’s Rights  By Fox News Commentator  Katie Pavlich  “


Patriots Of The 2nd, Jane Curry @  RK Gun Show Grovetown Ga. Dec. 16-17, 2017   Offering Voter Registration & 50 State Conceal Carry Petition HR 38.Conceal Carry Reciprocity   Picture #2, Jane behind the table with dealer at Eastman Gun show Oct. 2017 Grovetown, Ga.


11/01/18 Kemp supports @ Pence rally Grovetown, Ga           3/2/19 Alexis, Martinez, Ga @ Bobby Jones Hwy Augusta, Ga


07/16/18 Yvette, of Grovetown, Ga….Happy Trumpian with Trump # 2020 hat     Ms Ariana with Trump shirt and new AR-15  You Go Girl !


7/14/18 Melisa, Grovetown, Ga                                      08/18   DeAnna Harris of Smyrna, Ga                           08/18  Kathy of Atlanta, Ga.


5/20/18 Nikki, of Macon, Georgia                                       5/20/18   Ms Elaina of Oxford. Georgia                            5/20/18 Pallie, of Atlanta, Ga.


5/5/18 Adisson, of Rock Island, TN                                4/28/18 The Trumpers of Florence, S.C.               5/5/18 Marylynn, of Atanta, Ga., Atl Gun show


4/14/18 Sandra, Aiken,   S.C.                                              Carin  & Terry of Augusta,                                                Terry, of  Augusta, Ga


3/4/18 Grovetown Ga., Eastman Gun show:  Left-to-Right:  Ms.Shelby , Ms. Jackie ,  Ms.Gabriela


3/4/18 Grovetown, Georgia, Eastman Gun Show: Left-to-Right: Ella, Jane, Diane, Lisa, Renee, Kayee


3/4/18 Grovetown, Ga Gun Show: Leslie Morgan               3/10/18  Cindy Bowers @ Martinez, Ga street Rally


Joanne Welcher, Pam Lightsey, Maria Shoemaker, having fun with their Trump 2020 hats, January 11, 2017 Columbia County, Ga. Republican Women’s Meeting.


November  2016, Trump Party, Augusta, Ga                         November 2016, Yvonne @ Trump Party,  Augusta, Ga,


 Kinsley, Oct. 2016 Augusta, Ga   LiL’ Trumpian, Grovetown, Ga 12/16/17       Ms.YeSun, Grovetown, Ga  12/16/17


Young Trumpians, Grovetown, Ga,12/16/17    Hispanic Women For Trump, Augusta, Ga,10/16   Women For Trump Greet Don Jr, Augusta,Ga, Airport,10/16

                 “Millennial Trumpians”, 2016

                                          AMERICA FIRST  “2020”  DRAIN THE SWAMP

                                                                                              ” Making America Great Again ”  

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                                                          President Donald J. Trump

        We will defend our country, protect our communities, and put the safety of the American people first.

       Ms. Antonia Okafor   –    Freedom’s Safest Place | I Didn’t Listen – YouTube   ( one minute ) 

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