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                                                                             Randy, Patriots of the 2nd, Veterans Day Nov 11, 2017



                                             Providing Trumpian Breaking News, Hot Spots, Events and Pictures    

We will be posting pictures of Trumpians around the country, on street corners, street marches, Trump Rallies….holding pro Trump signs of the President’s policies, and in the streets confronting the Democrats,  the Alt-Left, Antifa, “Gun-Control-Advocates, illegals and the open boarder advocates.  

Send us your pictures   

We invite Trumpians around the country to send us your pictures. Tell us the location and approximate date picture was taken and any other information that might add to the picture. We will change the pictures in and out weekly and monthly. Most recent pictures will be from the top down. 

 Send your pictures to:  [email protected]


3/23/19 Evan, of Augusta Ga campaigning along Bobby Jones Hwy, Augusta, Georgia      3/24/19 Charles of Thomson, Ga at Booby Jones Hwy, Augusta, Ga.


3/19/19 Vietnam Vet, Randy of Augusta, Ga, along Bobby Jones Hwy, Augusta.             Jan. 2019, Patriots booth at Augusta Ga Flea market, 2020 Campaign



3/2/19 Austin & Hunter of Hephzibah, Ga –   Campaign for President Trump @ Bobby Jones Hwy, Augusta ,Ga  –               3/2/19 Alexis of Martinez, Ga.


3/2/19  Alexis of Martinez, Georgia @ Bobby Jones Hwy   3/2/19   Hunter & Austin of Hephzibah, Ga                    3/2/19  Alexis of Martinez, Ga.


November 2019, Randy, campaigning in Evans, Ga      Jan. 2019, Randy, Campaigning, Augusta, Ga    2/24/19 Roy at Bobby Jones Hwy, Augusta, Ga.   


11/01/18  Kemp – Pence rally Grovetown, Ga.    8/2018  Cindy Bowers of Evans, Ga                             11/06/18 Randy, street rally for Brain Kemp


3/10/18 Cindy Bower @ street rally, Martinez, Ga.      4/14/18 Marty @ Aiken, S.C. Gun Show                  03/18 Jane and Randy, Grovetown, Ga Gun Show


                        January 30th, 2018 Evans, Ga. State Of The Union Street Rally – Patriots Of The 2nd   Daniel , John , Lem,  Randy


     01/ 20/18 Jordan, Augusta, Ga.                                         01/20/18 Lemuel, Augusta, Ga.                                           01/20/18 Randy, Augusta, Ga.                Above & below Trumpians of Augusta Georgia celebrating one year President Trump in Office…and rejecting the Schumer Shutdown of the Government and not funding the US Military.


01/20/18 Above Trumpians @ Washington Rd & Bobby Jones Hwy, Augusta, Ga. Celebrating President Donald J.Trump 1st year in office.

Trumpians celebrate November 09, 2016 street corner Bobby Jones Hwy & Washington Road, Augusta, Georgia. Thank you for the picture – The Augusta Chronicle.  …Randy

Daniel & Other Trumpians, Sept 2016 Augusta, Ga.      Oct 2016 Trumpians having some fun, Corner of Washington RD and Bobby Jones Hyw, Augusta, Ga.



   Oct. 2016, Bobby Jones Hwy, Augusta, Ga            Sept. 2016 Washington Rd, Augusta, Ga             Sept. 2016,  Airport,  Augusta, Ga


Big Dan standing @ Trump Rally, Aiken, S.C. 2016             Trump Rally, Aiken, S.C. 2016                    Trump Millennials working the phones, 9/16 Augusta, Ga.



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