Patriots Gun Show Pictures # 2


   July 14th-15th, 2018: Grovetown, GA.


Patriots Of The 2nd  – Endorses  Brain Kemp for Governor of Georgia  and David Shafer,  for Georgia’s next  Lieutenant Governor.  Run-off election date, July 24, 2018  –  .  Midterm Election date: November 6th, 2018 :  Brain Kemp and David Shafer are strong supporters of the 2nd Amendment  & President Donald J. Trump


7/14/18 View From Patriots Booth                                        Patriots Staff, Randy, Steve, Sharon                               View From Patriots Booth


Randy, Bill Nixon of “Georgia Carry.Org”, Steve         Patriots Staff: Randy, Jane, Donald, Sharon, Steve            Randy, Donald Head “Prentiss Guns”, Steve


7/15/18 Steve Williamson, Warren, Georgia                       Patriots signing David Shafer’s Petition                         7/14/18  Mason, of Grovetown, Ga.


7/14/18 Chris, Grovetown, Georgia                                              7/14/18 Noah, Martinex, Ga.                                               7/15/18 Bill, Augusta, Ga.


7/15/18 Trumpians Randy, Jane, Steve, For David Shafer               View From Patriots Booth                         7/15/18 Donald Head, of “Prentiss Guns”, Baxley, Ga.


7/14/18 Noah, Of Martinez For Shafer                               Welcome to the show –  Buffet  of hand guns            7/15/18 Trumpians For Shafer, Jane, Donald , Steve


7/14/18 Manuel Melendez, Evans Ga.                                       7/15/18  Kelli, Harlem, Georgia                                                   7/15/18 Lorna, Wadley, Ga.


7/14/18  Mike, Madison Township, Ga.                       7/14/18 Melisa & Family, Grovetown, Ga.                                7/14/18 Mark and Tom, Arizona Desert Rats


7/14/18  Wilson, Jewell, Georgia                                               7/14/18  Melisa, Grovetown, Ga                               7/14/18 Noah, Martinez, Ga.

Gun Show Vendors and Attendees at Grovetown Gun Show strongly  support Candidate For Governor, Brian Kemp’s  Petition  –  “The advancement of new legislation to prevent Credit Card Processors from Discriminating against Gun Manufactures and Federal Firearm Licensed Retail Sellers in the state of Georgia. 


                                                                    Candidate Kemp’s Petition                                                           Signatures

Georgians line-up at Grovetown Gun Show to support Candidate For Lieutenant Governor  Shafer’s  Petition  –  “To Create a law to make it a crime for elected officials to establish a Sanctuary City for illegal aliens.”


                                                                 Candidate Shafer’s Petition                                                           Signatures

 Patriots Of The 2nd, Endorses the above Candidates

                                                  Election Day Georgia Run-off,  Tuesday July 24, 2018

                                                                             Please Vote