Veterans For Trump & The 2nd

Veterans For Trump & The 2nd Amendment


The Veterans On This Page Are Defenders Of The American Constitution And Are Supporters Of The 2nd Amendment. Thank You For Your Service !


The USA chants will bring tears to your eyes. President Trump and Melania were welcomed in Iraq by our troops on Christmas.

Posted by Derek Utley on Wednesday, December 26, 2018



2/24/19  Roy, Martinez, Ga, Disabled Vet   3/1919 Randy of Augusta, Ga.  Vietnam Vet, 68-69



7/14/18 Wilson, Vietnam Vet, Jewell, Ga             10/06/18  Brandon, Desert Storm, North Augusta, Ga.           Sept 2018, Jack Welsh, 92 yr old vet  WWII, Evans, Ga.


4/28/18 Doug Walker, Vietnam Vet, Marion, S.C.            “The 2nd Protects The First” Vets Protect Both         4/29/18 Marc, of, Elgin, S.C., Iraq & Afghanistan Vet



4/14/18  Vietnam Vet, Jack, of Aiken, S.C.                                4/14/18  Vietnam Vet, Joel, of Ft. Mill, S.C.                    3/3/18 Walter Sisson, Vietnam Vet, Sniper


01/15/18 Evans Moore, 100yrs old, WW2 & Vietnam        12/16/17 Vietnam Vet, Grovetown Ga. Gun show          12/17/17 Vietnam Vet, Grovetown Ga. Gun show


Nov. 2016, Yvonne, US Army, Augusta, Ga.               3/3/18 Jack & Joesph, Vietnam Vets, U.S. Army, Martinez, Ga.