Patriots Gun Show Appearance Schedule 

Patriots Gun Show Appearance Schedule


Next Patriots Gun Show: Saturday & Sunday  Dec 1st-2nd , 2018: Aiken, S.C.

Dec 1-2 SC, Aiken
Western Carolina Fairgrounds, 1566 Columbia Hwy north | 200 – 8′ Tables: $60 | Set Up: Friday Noon – 7 pm & Saturday 7 am – 9 am | Show Hours: Saturday 9 am – 5 pm & Sunday 10 am – 4 pm | Admission: $8 / Kids 12 & under: Free | Contact:  Great American Promotions LLC 865-453-0074


Last Show 


Saturday 9-5pm  Sunday 10-4pm

Stop by our booth, we will have the RNC petition for the following….

1)  Petition from President Trump to Congress to BUILD THE WALL

2)  Petition; S. 2486 Safe Student Act ( Arm  Qualified, School Teachers )

2)  3 Question Survey from President Trump listing your top priorities for the country


*** Register To Vote at our booth….all 50 states and territories of America. 

*** Sign up for “Voter Election Reminders ” 

*** Need Absentee Ballot ?…we can help.

*** Not sure if you are register to vote?….we can help

*** We will also have life like size cardboard President Trump at the show – come take you FREE selfie with Donald holding one of our pro-Trump signs or with your Gun.  Make a memory !  NO CHARGE: Scroll down see below 

          Gun, Knife,  & Ammo  !!!!!!!

Look for our “Patriots Of  The 2nd .Com Booth”…Along with The “Republican Party Information Booth.”   You can register to vote at our booth.

At the Gun shows we will have a life size card board Donald Trump.

Come take your selfie standing next to the President….holding your favorite gun. No charge for pictures…will we will take picture for you…your phone