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Welcome To Patriots Of the 2nd.com  Where the 2nd Protects the First.

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We are defenders of the of the 2nd amendment, the constitution, support the Trump agenda, and the AMERICA FIRST 2020 re-election campaign of President Donald J. Trump to his second term.  Visit our booth at guns shows. We provide onsite voter registration for all in need who qualify…if you are 18 years of age, have moved to a new county or state (you need to re-register), or if you’ve never registered to vote before – COME SEE US !  On display we have campaign  information on competing  local and state candidates, and their position on the 2nd Amendment,   Our goal is to register one-million new gun owner voters by the November 2020 Presidential Election…AND LADIES, that means you too! 🙂 We are big supporters/encourage Ladies gun ownership and becoming conceal carry permit holders – LADIES,  the 2nd Amendment is your right!  How You Can Help – We invite you to partner with our AMERICA FIRST 2020  campaign endeavor by shopping in our online Apparel Stores. Net proceeds help to cover our financial cost to bring this service to gun owners and shoppers at gun shows throughout America.  Join Our Ground Game – Together we will re-elect President Trump and safe guard the 2nd amendment, Protect the First Amendment and truly Make America Great Again. Please share our website with a friend.  We invite you to daily return to read President Trump”s Daily  Tweets – updated ever day…see bottom row button on tool bar…and we’ll see you at the gun shows…it’s going to be HUGE


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(The purchase of Hats & Shirts supports the mission of Patriots Of The 2nd .Com…please see“Trump Hats & Shirts”     

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           Displayed in White Color / available in Khaki      Displayed in White Color / available in Khaki




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