* Absentee Ballot *

  March 2018, Patriots Booth, at Grovetown, Ga. gun show providing Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot information

Absentee Ballot Available for Military Personnel And Non-Military Here

We encourage all Military Personnel to sign up for election reminders at the “Election Reminder Tool….Receive Local, State, and Federal election reminders by way of Text and or Email.  If you are deployed out of your Voter Precinct Area, you’ll still be able to vote by way of “Absentee Ballot” for your local and state elections.  Our mission here at “Patriots Of The 2nd”, is to encourage all voters to vote for those candidates that support and defend the Second Amendment – and the Constitution Of America.   

Locate The “Election Reminder Tool” as the 3rd drop-down under the “Voter Registration” page.  Thank you for your loyalty, dedication, and service to our country –  Patriots Of The 2nd.

      Your vote is your voice!   Save the 2nd !

                                                        ( Overseas Military Voter Scroll to Bottom )