Patriots Gun Show Pics # 3

Pictures Of American Patriots At Our Gun Show Booth

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 Atlanta Farmers Market

June 16 – 17th, 2018

Patriots Of The 2nd  – Endorses  Georgia State Senator, David Shafer,  for Georgia’s next  Lieutenant Governor.  Run-off election date, July 24, 2018  –  Early Voting July 2nd-24th.  Midterm Election date: November 6th, 2018 : Senator David Shafer is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment  


Show time Saturday morning, doors opened at 9am       Randy at Patriots booth, ready for 2 days of fun !              The view in front of Patriots booth.


Mackenzie & William of Fairburn, Ga. for Shafer            Amanda of Breman, Ga. for Shafer & Trump                                Carton of Stone Mountain, Voting for Shafer


Steve of East Point, Ga. Voting For Shafer                                    Bob of Milner, Georgia                                                      Susan of Newnan, Georgia


Melanie & Max, of Monticello, Georgia                                Tony and friend, of Ellenwood, Georgia                                       Rhonda, of Woodstock, Georgia


Susan, Of Newman, Georgia “Women For Trump”                  Carlton. of Stone Mountain                                              Mackenzie & William, of Fairburn, Ga.


Steve of East Point, Georgia                                                      View from Patriots Booth                                    Melanie and Trumper-Max, of Monticello, Ga.


Ethan, of Milner, Georgia                                                            “Patriots Of The 2nd”  Booth                                       Andy Cahill, of Doraville, Georgia

Georgians line-up at Atlanta Gun Show to support Candidate For Lieutenant Governor  Shafer’s  Petition  –  “To Create a law to make it a crime for elected officials to establish a Sanctuary City for illegal aliens.”





                                    May 19th-20th, 2018 



Special Guest at Patriots booth: Current Georgia State Senator, David Shafer,  Candidate for Georgia Lieutenant Governor.  Candidate Shafer was meeting and greeting Gun Show attendees, and gun show Vendors…listening to their concerns, discussing the 2nd Amendment, Individual Rights to bare Arms, the NRA….and the continued protection of the gun show business in the state of Georgia. David walked around the Gun Show floor asking for the vote of gun owners. Patriots of the 2nd, thanks candidate David Shafer for coming out to meet the Gun Show attendees…and working the crowd collecting signatures on the two petitions going to President Trump, The U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives to protect Georgia Students and Families. Federal Petitions – “Build The  Wall”  and Petition –  S. 2486: Safe Students Act…To repeal the Gun-Free-School Zones Act of 1990 and amendments to that Act.

  May 22nd polls are open 7am to 7pm – We wish you success, David ! 


GA Lieutenant Gov Candidate David Shafer with Randy   ATL School Teacher Mr Kwame signs Petition – “Safe Student Act”    Petition; S. 2486 Safe Student Act


David Lowry of Duluth, Ga signs petition ‘Safe Student Act”    Brain Macus of Braselto,Ga. signs Petition “Build The Wall”       Petition: “Build The Wall”


Ed Bracewell Guns & Pawn, meets David Shafer    Natalie, Flowery Branch, Ga.,shows off her new S&W 9mm Shield.      Lloyd of Lilburn, Ga.


Nikki, of Macon, Ga. Flashes – Conceal Carry         Jesus, from Mexico City, says build the wall & lock her up! Jesus, became a U.S. citizen & Voted for Trump.


Tom, of Alto, Georgia   MAGA  #                                   James, of Canton, Georgia – “Build That Wall” !                   Ms Pallie, of ATL, Ga. “Women’s Rights” !


Ms Elaina of Oxford, Ga. PEACE !                                           Brian, of Norcross, Georgia                                       Sean, “The Trumper of Ellijay”, Ga. MAGA #


Senator  David Shafer  and Mr Kawame, MAGA #           Trump supporter Kawame of Atlanta, Ga.                          Ms. Natalie, ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Guns”


Nikki of Macon, Ga. “Armed & On The Trump Train”          Patriots Randy  having fun at the show                                           Ms Pallie of Atlanta, Ga.


May 5-6, 2018 Atlanta, GA  RK Prepper RK Prepper Shows at Atlanta Expo Center
3650 Jonesboro Rd. SE – Atlanta, GA 30354
Hours: Sat 9am – 5pm, Sun 9am – 4pm


Special Guest at Patriots booth: Current Georgia Sec of State, Brian Kemp, and Republican Candidate for Governor of Georgia.   And a representative from the David Belle Isle, campaign, Republican  Candidate for Georgia Sec of State.    Candidates were meeting and greeting voters, and gun show Vendors…listening to their concerns, discussing the 2nd Amendment, Individual Rights to bare Arms, the NRA….and the continued protection of the gun show business in the state of Georgia.  Patriots of the 2nd, thanks these candidates for coming out to meet the Gun Show attendees. 


Patriots Staff, Marylynn, Wearner, Randy                 Brian Kemp, Candidate for GA Gov meeting voters              Patriots Booth, Marylynn, Wearner, Randy


Candidate for Ga Gov. Kemp greets Gun Show attendees    Kemp, greets owners of Prentiss Guns,    Kemp discusses Gun Show Biz with Vender


Far left, Byron Shehee of David Belle Isle Campaign      Randy, having some fun behind vendor table                   Gun show view from Patriots booth.


Kemp meets Scotty Pierce, of Harley Guns & Ammo                  Pick one…or three                                                  Brian Kemp, Supporter of Pres, Trump


Ms.Adisson, The Gun Show’s Cutest Trumper                    The Green Family of Rock Island, TN                              Jason, of Summerville, S.C.


Kareem Ali, of Atlanta, Georgia                                                     Steve, of Atlanta, Georgia                                         Phil Norton, of Atlanta, Georgia


On The Trump Train – Chris, of Atlanta, Georgia                                    Patriots Booth                                   Candidate for GA Gov. Brian Kemp Talks with vendor


Mrs Jackson of Atlanta, Georgia                                            Mr Jackson of Atlanta, Georgia                     Donald Head, Prentiss Guns, Baxley, Ga, with Kemp