Politicians For The 2nd

Political Candidates and Office Holders

Meet Patriots Of  The 2nd Co-Founders

 Randy Effler    &    Jane Curry


Each one of the Politicians pictured with either Jane or Randy have expressed their support of the 2nd Amendment….and National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017.   The bill would require states to acknowledge the legality of each other’s gun-carry permits.  All  pictured candidates are for 2018 Elections.


5/21/18 Jane Curry with Ga Sec State Brian Kemp    5/21/18 Randy with Ga Sec State Brian Kemp & Wife Marty        5/21/18 Ga.Congress woman Jodi Lot


5/ 20/18 Ga State Senator David Shafer & Randy       5/21/18 Randy meets Ga LT Gov. Casey Cagle and wife Nita      5/5/18 Ga. Sec State Brian Kemp & Randy



01/15/18  Georgia State Senator Lee Anderson                               3/18 George Bratcher, Candidate Board of                                                                                                                                                                                                      Education District #3,Georgia


01/11/18  Josh McKoon, Candidate Sec Of State Ga.                          10/08/17  Brian Kemp, Candidate for Ga. Governor


10/08/17 Georgia Fed Congressman Rick Allen                                  10/08/17  Marc Urbach, Candidate for Ga. Governor

10/08/17 Michael Williams, Candidate for Ga.Governor                       10/08/17  Hunter Hill, Candidate for Ga. Governor

Dr. Sonia Francis-Rolle, Candidate for GA. State School Superintendent

www.francisrolleforgsss.org   See qualifications for this job.


5/23/18 Ga Talk show Host, Austin Rhodes         5/21/18  Ga Sen.,Bill Jackson  (Ret)               6/23/18  Ga. LT Gov Casey Cagle, Randy, Ga Sen. David Shafer


Candidates’ Press Release And Guest Appearance At Patriots Gun Show Booth


Brian Kemp: Candidate For Georgia Governor at Patriots Booth – Meets and Greets Gun Show Attendees And Vendors at  Atlanta Expo Gun Show: May 5th, 2018